1. Breaches and Exemptions

Any breaches of the following guidelines may be the subject of police investigation.

Exemptions from any provisions of the Guidelines will only be granted on the basis of

an event being deemed by the Presiding Officers to be of Parliamentary or national significance.

2. Use of Authorised Area

Unless the approval of the Presiding Officers has been obtained, protests, demonstrations or public assemblies held within the Precincts are generally restricted to the Authorised Area shown on the attached map.

3. Freedom of Access to be maintained

Participants in protests, demonstrations or public assemblies within and outside the Precincts are required to arrive and depart in an orderly manner without obstructing traffic or otherwise preventing access to the Precincts or Parliament House.

4. Hours of Use

Unless approved specifically by the Presiding Officers, protests, demonstrations and other activities shall only be conducted between the hours of sunrise and sunset.

5. Structures

Unless approved by the Presiding Officers, structures shall not be erected or placed within the Precincts. Structures within the Precincts and on Federation Mall require works approval from the National Capital Authority under the provisions of the Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Act 1988.

6. Use of Vehicles for Protest Purposes

Unless approved by the Presiding Officers, vehicles shall not be used within the Precincts as part of a protest, demonstration or public assembly.

7. Parking

Unless approved by the Presiding Officers, parking is not permitted on nature strips, the grassed area between the east and west lanes of Federation Mall or on ceremonial spaces within the Precincts.

8. Camping

Camping is not permitted within the Precincts or on Federation Mall and adjacent areas.

9. Lighting of Fires

Unless approved by the Presiding Officers, the lighting, maintenance or carriage of fires within the Precincts is prohibited.

10. Affixing of Signs or Banners

Signs or banners shall not be erected, attached or otherwise fixed to any built or natural object, including land, within the Precincts or on Federation Mall and adjacent areas. Hand-held signs do not require approval when used in the Authorised Assembly Area. The use of banners, placards, signs or other promotional material is not to occur in other areas of the precinct without the express approval of the Presiding Officers or their authorised delegates.

11. Willful Marking of Surfaces

The willful marking of surfaces, including land, will not be permitted.

12. Preparation or Sale of Food, Beverages and Other Items

Unless approved by the Presiding Officers, food, beverages or other items shall not be

prepared or sold within the Precincts.

13. Consumption of Alcohol

Participants in protests and demonstrations within the Precincts shall not consume alcohol for the duration of the event.

14. Sound Amplification

Sound amplification may be permitted within the Authorised Area but shall be directed away from Parliament House. Access to power will be available from within the Authorised Area. The use of amplification equipment (and access to power) shall not be permitted during ceremonial occasions or at any other time or place which may disrupt the business of the Parliament. Noise levels, whether inside or outside the Precincts must not be offensive, harmful or unreasonably interfere with the activities of other people.

15. Observance of Lawful Directions

Participants in protests, demonstrations and public assemblies shall observe any

lawful direction given by Australian Federal Police officers or members of the Parliamentary Security Services. Failure to observe a lawful direction may result in arrest.